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victims of the so-called speed-free killer. the fbi is now leading the excavation of an old well located on a farm outside of lynn deny. the site is near another abandoned well where four bodies were found nearly a year ago. authorities believe those bodies are linked to herzog and wesley sherman time. herzog committed suicide while sherm shermantine is on pin row. >> a combination of efforts, a collaboration of investigative techniques the fbi has been using the last five or six months, information that's been supplied to the fbi by our local and state law enforcement organizations and, of course, interviews we've had with them. >> investigators say it will take about three weeks to hand sift through about 50 feet of soil. >> oakland's first homicide victim of the year is a teenaged boy. police say he was shot and killed around 1:00 this afternoon while sitting in a parked car. this happened at a parking lot near the intersection of hagen berger and hamilton. detectives are not releasing the boy's age or name. last year particularly violent in oakland, as you've heard, 131 people killed
and ben gelis are calling on the fbi to find a missing man. perry is offering a $1,000 reward for the men who disappeared. >>> in indianapolis, a rooster hanging out downtown gave animal control officers quite a headache. ♪ the elusive fowl was eventually captured. no word on who it belongs to. >>> in sports we start with a big upset in college basketball. number four arizona was surprised by unranked oregon who led most of the way. arizona surged in the fourth quarter but oregon held on for a 70-56 upset. >>> and human growth hormones and other performance enhancing drugs back in the spotlight. there's official confirmation that junior seau had cte, a degenerative brain disease, he joins pittsburgh's mike webster and david duerson of the bears and others. >>> tim tebow will not be playing for the jacksonville jaguars next season. the team you a new general manager said he can't imagine a scenario in which tebow will be a jacksonville jaguar even if he is released by the new york jets. >>> the nfl playoffs start on say day. baltimore plays in denver and green bay will be at san francisc
. >>> well, the fbi's evidence response team now heading back to a farm out in linden this morning digging for more victims of the so-called speed freak killers. crews are spending the morning excavating an old well there. that site is near an abandoned well where four bodies were found nearly a year ago. investigators think the bodies are linked to lauren herzog nicknamed the speed free killers for a drug fueled spree during the '80s and '90s. herzog committed suicide last year. investigators say it will take up to three weeks to hand sift through that soil. >>> this morning, a family is learning who may have killed a 21-year-old woman almost 30 years ago. the body was found in a dumpster in back of the bailey park plaza shopping center in mountain view january 28, 1985. mountain view police arrest eed garcia after being caught by the district attorney's crime lab developed a profile from the fingernails and matched them to garcia. >> it's a big relief because we were wondering always who's the one that killed her. >> friends say the family did not know garcia and they still want to know
was trying to walk her through cpr. also today an fbi agent gave specific details about the booby trap found in james holmes' apartment, a labyrinth of wires, homemade napalm this week's hearing will determine if it there's enough evidence to go to trial. 25-year-old holmes accused of killing 12 people in a crowded colorado movie theater last july. a day of remembrance for the victims of another shooting massacre. today marked two years since the gunman opened fire at a tucson meet and greet event for then congresswoman gabrielle giffords. she and her astronaut husband used today to launch a new initiative to curb gun violence. the suspect jared loughner has been seven it tensed to life in preside prison. gun control front and center at the white house. the national rifle association was invited to meet with the obama administration on thursday including vice president joe biden. biden is heading an anti-gun violence task force in the wake of the newtown tragedy. the white house says the nra is one of many groups that will attend that meeting. >>> overseas, the only suspect jailed in connect
in iran in 2007 during a business trip. the photos were sent to the former fbi agent's family back in 2011. they released them on tuesday. in them, he is dressed like a prisoner at guantanamo bay. iranian officials have denied knowing anything about levinson's disappearance, a claim that u.s. officials doubt. >>> a nightmare for boeing amid safety woes for the company's much anticipated dreamliner. nbc's ron mott has more from logan international airport in boston. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. double trouble for japan airlines and boeing over the past 48 hours here at logan as both companies investigate exactly what went wrong. two days in a row at boston's logan airport, a japan airline's jet has landed in the news. on tuesday, a new 787 full of passengers and already headed toward the runway had to turn back to the gate after pilots learned jet fuel, about 40 gallons, was spilling from the left tank on to the tarmac. monday, a different 787 parked at the gate following a flight emptied of passengers and crew began smoking. a fire down below that ntsb and boeing investi
the fbi to get involved and we were just making a lot of noise. >> quietly attending was scott. the young man the police had questioned a week earlier, giselle esteban's old boyfriend, remember, the father of her child. two days later, sunday june 6th, the family was called back to the police station for an important meeting. the police finally had a chance to search michelle's car and the status of her case had been changed. t from missing person to homicide and the family felt blind sided. >> they said, you know, i think you have to get comfortable with the fact that your sister is probably dead. we were horrified. >> and just like that, the information door closed. the hayward police told the family it was a murder investigation now, so department policy, they could reveal nothing more. and therefore, couldn't or wouldn't tell the family why they thought michelle was dead, but without hearing an explanation or seeing any evidence, how could the family believe the police? now they simply wouldn't accept what the cop his to say. >> it was horrible. we were really angry because, okay, you
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